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Al Qemam Company “qTech” completes the implementation of the live monitoring works in the municipality of Thaniya and Tabbala

The municipality of Thaniya and Tebala, subordinate to the Asir Municipality 🇸🇦, inaugurates the GIS Center, And that is after the qTech finished equipping the center and building and handing over the geographic database to the municipality. This is within the framework of the continuous joint cooperation between the Summit Company and the municipality […]

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🇸🇦 Khamis Mushait municipality 🇸🇦, Subordinated to the Asir Municipality, contracts with the ALQemam Company “qTech”

The municipality of Khamis Mushait 🇸🇦, which is subordinate to the Municipality of Asir Region, is contracting with “ALQemam” qTech company to develop a Qemam system for archiving human resources records and develop a number of development services for the municipality’s systems for electronic transactions.. […]

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