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Free technical support for peak clients in the Kingdom during the response to the Corona virus

Alqemam take the initiative to provide technical support services “free of charge” to all users of their electronic transactions systems during the period of addressing the new virus (Covid-19) to ensure the continuity of the work of their electronic systems without restricting the attendance of employees to work sites and enabling them to complete their […]

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Free .. Development and operation services of WEB Portals for government agencies in the Kingdom

القمم تبادر بتقديم خدمات تطوير وتشغيل WEB Portals وذلك “مجاناً” للجهات الحكومية التي تعمل معها بالمملكة والتي يمكن من خلالها تقديم خدمات الإستعلام عن المعاملات وتقديم طلبات جديدة او تسجيل بلاغات وشكاوي دون الحاجه لمراجعة الجهات الحكومية. نسأل الله الصحة والعافية للجميع،، […]

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